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i always tought it was snowstorms
the anime makes it look like it was so cold they had to live in unstable and occasionally collapsing ravines and selfdug holes so they wouldnt freeze to death

Nope. It’s always been sandstorms. I doubt many of them would’ve survived digging up those caves and tunnels with snowstorms like that. As said in another post, it was the 4Kids dub that made it seem like it was snow. So yeah, it was the opposite, they dug holes so they wouldn’t get roasted. What works for desert animals works for them, I guess XD.


I never liked the idea of Zakura bein all “ZAKURO SPEAR” and then she like.. uses a whip… I feel like she’d be more knightly? Whatever. Zakuro Sword. Belly ring.

That’s because it’s not. What she actually shouts is “Ribbon ZaCross Pure!” (The weapon is called ZaCross Whip.) The fansubs messed it up and it wasn’t correctly translated until Kodansha USA did an English re-translation of the manga.


real talk here the aliens’ clothes are probably fireproof because ~horrible conditions we must be prepared for anything~ and they sure don’t look built for cold weather so it’s probably hot there.

they also probably just teleport in/out of their clothes too idk

(also ET started playing on my computer very funny)

In the manga, the planet was hot (the strong winds brought constant sandstorms). So yes, you’re right on that part (not sure about the fireproof part XD). It was the 4Kids dub that had mistaken the sandstorms for snow.

Today, July 14th, is Tasuku Meguro’s birthday. So here are some of the very few images from Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode that he has been colored.

As stated before, Tasuku is my favorite among the new characters in A la Mode. He’s energetic but he’s also very loyal. I also found it very admirable that he was willing to keep a promise of just being friends with Berry, despite how much he loved her (he stopped himself from going too far at least twice in the story). I’m really happy that things turned out well for both him and Berry in the end.

Trivia: Tasuku is the only male character in Tokyo Mew Mew to have an official date of birth.



Although I’m looking forward to the Sailor Moon reboot, I would love a Tokyo Mew Mew reboot instead. It should follow the manga a bit closely, and then continue into A La Mode and the Playstation game so that we can actualy see Ringo and Berry in action and see some character development for them.

Submitted by Anonymous.

That’d be nice, but I’m not sure it would work for a couple reasons.

  • Ikumi Mia was starstruck by the adaptation of her work into an anime and admits this in the volume notes. So was Takeuchi Naoko, but she kept the Sailor Moon manga on its track, acknowledged the differences, and is on record complaining about some of the changes. Ms. Ikumi, on the other hand, decided to bring all of those changes back into the manga. Whereas all the characters had light shades of their theme colours for their hair and eyes both transformed and detransformed in the beginning (though Ichigo’s eyes turned red after transforming), the volume six cover made civilian Ichigo’s eyes dark red-brown and volume seven gave us Anime Adaptation Redhead Ichigo. Nobody had transformation phrases in the manga until the anime came out, then suddenly everyone was saying “Metamorphose!”. The Mew Berry Rod was hastily added to the finale.The characters even got their weapons upgraded to their more toyetic anime forms off-panel without explanation. By the end of the manga, it was a lot more true to the anime.
  • The PlayStation game plays like a side story to the manga that adds some more things that were in the anime (like random Aoyama-lookalikes/soundalikes in remote areas that reinforce the fan theory that he was actually the most convenient of many host bodies around the world). It’s a filler arc, basically.
  • Much of the fandom dislikes a la mode, and by the end, so did Ikumi herself. While the fans complain about the original cast being pushed to the side and Ichigo being sent away for OOC reasons that ruin the original finale and then being brought back for no reason and becoming Berii’s walking powerup to prove how special Berii is, the editors were actually pushing Ikumi to bring Ichigo back in the first place and to include the original cast. It’s very likely that, without the executive meddling, we’d have gotten a  cast reboot with Berii leading a brand new team and Ichigo and company off doing their own thing, much like new series of Precure. Neither the fans nor the author like a la mode as it was, and I doubt the studios would want to risk adapting it.
  • Sailor Moon is getting rebooted largely to appeal to a large number of women who see it and squeal, “My childhood!” Many of us got into Tokyo Mew Mew as teenage nerds, a much smaller demographic than “everyone who was a little girl in the early nineties”. Cardcaptor Sakura, with its recent rerelease and new merchandise, is following the same idea. If people consider it revolutionary enough to the genre and the industry, Tokyo Mew Mew might get the same treatment in ten years or so.

It would be nice, though.

Yes, she added stuff from the anime (some of it sudden, I do admit), but Takeuchi did the same thing with the new editions of the Sailor Moon manga when PGSM Live Action was airing (changing attack names to match and redrawing panels). So I don’t see how that’s an issue.

Also Ikumi never publicly claimed to hate A la Mode. She did regret some executive decisions and not being able to add more but that’s about it. Also, it was the opposite. It was the executives that wanted her to focus on Berry, not the other way around. She even joked about it on one of the extras in the final volume.

I personally think it’s possible for A la Mode to be animated. It just needs to be expanded the way Ikumi wanted (Adding Berry but giving both her and the original characters more backstory.). But I do agree, with the resurgence of Magical Girl releases, who knows what’s around the corner for Mew Mew. I hope it at least gets a redub in the future.

alpha-team-deploy asked:

Seeing as your favorite Tokyo Mew Mew dub is the French dub, I was a little curious as to what your least favorite was. I know a lot of Mew Mew fans dislike the English dub, but you seem to have a neutral opinion of it or one not as aggressive. Just a curious fan inquiry o:

Oh, boy! A question with a lengthy answer. I could’ve been short but I want to be completely thorough XD. It’s true, I consider the English dub average. While it had many flaws, it had a lot of good things too. So I don’t hate it. The French dub is one of my favorites for reasons I stated before and yes, I do have some least favorites, although there are none that I downright hate. In order to keep things organized, I’ll list the dubs one at a time (Grouped between Tokyo Mew Mew, Mew Mew Power and Mixed), and give my personal opinion on each one and why and even give links to some samples.

Good Tokyo Mew Mew Dubs:

Dong Jing Mao Mao (Mandarin Dub): When it comes to uncut dubs, nothing beats this one. The acting: Great! The voices: Perfect for the most part (a couple sound a little off but you get used to it). The script: Practically unchanged (a few term changes but acceptable). You can watch episode 26 of the Mandarin dub HERE.

Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti (Italian Dub): This dub has some of the best acting I’ve heard. Some of the voices might sound too old but from what I’ve seen of other Italian shows they’re perfectly normal for children there. There was only 1 cut I know of (during Retasu’s character song in episode 16, probably due to the fact that they couldn’t remove the vocals.). It was localized with name changes but at least the names made more sense than the English version but the script, for the most part, was pretty spot on. Watch the first part of episode 38 of the Italian dub HERE.

Berry Berry Mew Mew (Korean Dub): Yes, this dub had cuts, edits and was localized. However, the voices were PERFECT. The acting was PERFECT and the script, despite localization, was pretty spot on as well. This was the dub I was hoping for when I heard that the English dub was going to be edited. That’s how good this one was. You can watch the first part of episode 51 of the Korean dub HERE.

Average Tokyo Mew Mew Dubs:

Dung Ging Miu Miu (TVB Cantonese Dub): There were two Cantonese dubs for the show but this one was the only one that got a home video release. Since I only have a couple of clips of the other dub, I can’t give an opinion on it. The TVB version is mostly uncut (except for the choking scenes that were removed in the last episode) and the voices are pretty good. The acting, while mostly good, kind of lacked enthusiasm a lot of the time, which was kind of a downer. Other than that, it’s the best of the average dubs. You can watch the first part of episode 19 of the Cantonese dub HERE.

Tokyo Mew Mew (Season 2 Portugal): This one is a bit complicated. There are two Portugal dubs. This dub did episodes 26-52 and aired on SIC (Most likely because the other dub, which was Mew Mew Power based and aired on Channel Panda, still had rights to the first half.). In this dub, the show has its original title, the girls have their original names, although translated into Portuguese (ex: Ichigo/Strawberry was translated to Morango), while the male characters have their Italian names. Although it’s the 2nd half, it is a separate dub, rather than a continuation. Not just because of the stuff already mentioned, but the characters also were voiced by a new cast as well. I put this one under average because of the exact opposite problem the Portugal MMP dub had (which I’ll talk about later). The voices match the characters better than the first dub but the acting dropped in quality. You can watch the 2nd part of episode 26 of the TMM Portugal dub HERE.

Mew Mew Power (English Dub): As already stated, I’m neutral with this one. Did this dub have problems, heck yeah. A looooooooooot of problems but I still found ways to enjoy it and the good stuff and the flaws balance out. While there were a couple of miscasts, in my opinion, I think most of the voices fit pretty well, despite the weird script and voice direction. Some of the cuts and edits were jarring (most of them weren’t even for censorship and some plot-holes created were immense.) but the music was really catchy. I wish they released a full soundtrack for it. The major downer was it never finished and, because of that, most countries that had no choice but to dub this version couldn’t finish either. Although, I’m curious as to what kind of changes 4Kids would’ve made if they did finish (ex: Zakuro went to church to talk to a dead loved one. Religion and death are two big no-nos to 4Kids. I suspect that they would just cut out those parts entirely.)j. But yeah, it could’ve been better, even for an edited version, but I’m not picking up any torches and pitchforks. For the one or two of you out there who haven’t seen the English dub, you can watch episode 1 (originally episode 12) HERE.

Least Favorite Tokyo Mew Mew Dub:

Tokyo Mew Mew (Thai Dub): This is one of the dubs I use to punish the chatroom of my Livestream when they break the rules XD. This dub is… something. The mixing… is there somewhat (in a couple of episodes, you can’t even hear the characters unless they yell). The acting… almost nonexistent. They sound like they’re just reading something they’ve only just heard about. The only one I could think of that even tried was Pie’s VA… which I find ironic XD. Even the video quality of the VCDs for home release weren’t that good. I’ve seen other Thai dubs and they weren’t like this at all. I have no idea what went wrong. You can watch episode 14 of the Thai dub HERE.

Good Mew Mew Power Dubs:

Mew Mew Power (Danish Dub): This dub is a pretty interesting watch. It has the English title but the characters have their Japanese names (most likely because that manga was released way before the MMP dub, so they wanted to be consistent), although a couple were accidentally switched. The English songs were dubbed (except for “Don’t Wake Me Up”) and they were dubbed pretty well. The voice acting is also pretty well done. Purin and Tart (called Pai in their dub XD) probably are worst voice-wise but that’s probably because they used the English voices for reference. Retasu’s voice is absolutely adorable, though X3. She even sings the insert song in episode 16, which feels like a nice homage to the original version. You can watch the part 1 of episode 18 of the Danish dub HERE.

Vadmacska Kommandó (Hungarian Dub): A very great acted dub. Most of the voices are pretty good, the only really bad one being Tarb. Oh, God! His voice has to be heard to be believed. I know his English voice was a little deep for his age but this one is…. wow… But other than that, pretty solid cast. All of the songs are kept in English, so can’t say anything about that. Most of the terms were changed, as the title indicates. The Mew Mew’s are called Wildcats (the team name being Wildcat Commando) and they work at the Wildcat Cafe. It’s pretty enjoyable for the most part. You can watch episode 17 of the Hungarian dub HERE.

Mew Mew Power (Greek Dub): I’ve only seen the first 11 episodes of this dub, so I can’t judge Tarb and Sardon’s voices but I bet they’re just as good as most of the others in this dub. This is also the only Mew Mew Power dub where Tarb is voiced by a woman. One cool this about this dub is that while the VA list is small, they are REALLY good at what they do (Dren’s voice is a little weird though.). Stella Mponatsou, the voice of Tarb also provides the voices of Bridget, Kikki, Renee and MiniMew. I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE that they were done by the same person until I read the cast list. That’s how good she was. Sardon’s VA, Stamatis Gardelis, also does Elliot and Mark. I bet that really confused the viewers on the Blue Knight’s identity XD. None of the songs were dubbed. In fact, sometimes, the insert songs were cut completely. Although, I do owe this dub for providing an instrumental of Supernatural X3. You can watch episode 11-part 1 of the Greek dub HERE.

Average Mew Mew Power Dubs:

Miau Miau Power (Spanish Dub): Pretty solid cast. Although, most of them are slightly deeper sounding then their English dubbed counterparts. The acting was pretty decent too. The only downside is their attempt at dubbing the music. It sounds like someone’s singing from a bathroom (kind of hollow sounding). Also they remade the instrumentals, so they sound a little off. You can watch episode 12 (originally 11) of the Spanish dub HERE.

As Super Gatinhas (Brazilian Portuguese Dub): Most of the voices are great in this dub. Tarb’s is still a bit deep but his VA, at least, tried to sound cute. So I prefer his VA than the English dub. The acting was also very well done. One weird thing was the term changes. As the title indicates, the girls are now called The Super Kittens and they work at Cafe Meow. The Weapons are even stranger. They just simplified the names, so they’re only called Bell, Bow and Arrow, Castanets and Golden Tambourine (this one is the same as the English dub, but her attack is just called “Tambourine” O.o). Renee’s weapon wasn’t named but I’m sure it would’ve been called “Whip” XD. Just like with the Spanish dub, the disappointment comes from their attempt at dubbing the music, except this one is even worse. Like the previous, the music was redone but you can hardly hear it. Also, the tempo in a lot of the songs was changed as well. You can watch episode 21-part 1 of the Brazilian Portuguese dub HERE.

Mew Mew Power (Season 1 Portugal): This dub covers the first half of the series and was pretty decent acted overall. As I mentioned in the season 2 dub, it’s problem is opposite. The acting is better than season 2 but the voices are a bit off. The male voices are especially awful and Bridget’s VA (she also did Zakuro/Roma in the season 2 dub) is the most bored-sounding actress I’ve ever heard in a Portugal dub. No dubbed songs, so can’t cover that. So yeah… average! You can watch episode 15-part 1 of the Portugal dub HERE.

Least Favorite Mew Mew Power Dub:

Силата Миу Миу (Bulgarian Dub): As I said, there are no dubs that I downright despise and it definitely applies to this dub. It’s basically lektors spoken over the English dubbed audio. It would be unfair to say that this one is bad because, other than dubbing big-named company movies like Disney, this is how shows are usually dubbed in Bulgaria. It’s standard, so I can’t hate on it. Even the songs are spoken over. I can’t really say it’s a straight spoken translation since terms and other things are adapted. You can watch episode 20-part 1 of the Bulgarian dub HERE.

Good Mixed Dubs (Dubbed from Mew Mew Power but finished the series):

Mew Mew Power (French Dub): I’ve already given many reasons why I like this dub. So let’s gush about it some more!! Other things I like are: the dubbed versions of the transformation songs. They are well adapted and I absolutely love the strong vocals and mixing for their version of Supernatural. One thing I also noticed is that the French dub also got rid of a lot of the rudeness that 4Kids put it and rudeness that was necessary had more shock value added, which was really nice. The only downside is that episodes 9-26 never had a DVD release for some weird reason. But yeah, as I said before, great acting and great dub despite the obstacles they had. For comparison between both halves of the series, watch episode 25 HERE and episode 43 HERE.

Tokyo Mew Mew (Hebrew Dub): The French dub had obstacles but the Hebrew dub had mountains to climb. Despite the first half being from the Mew Mew Power dub, they did their research and gave the show and the character’s their original names. It took a while for them to get the 2nd half and by the time they did, they had to recast some of the characters (One particular case was pretty tragic. I won’t go into details but you can find it if you search.). All of the English dubbed songs were dubbed and, from the few I’ve heard, very well. Most of the characters were pretty well cast and well acted. Tart, as usual, sounded older but at least his VA was a teenager when he had the role, so I’m a bit more forgiving of that. I’ve only seen episodes of the 2nd half of the series, so I can’t really judge on which voices were better between the ones who were changed. You can watch episode 27 of the Hebrew dub HERE.

Average/Least Favorite Mixed Dub:

Družina Mjau - Mjau (Serbian Dub): This one gives me pretty mixed feelings which is why I placed this under both of these categories. The mixing to this dub is horrendous! The lipsync is almost never right. For some weird reason, they put a weird voice filter on the aliens in the 2nd half of the series. The terms in this show are never consistent (Attack names change all the time and names of important items and a couple side characters had name changes throughout the show!), most likely because of them getting confused between the English dub and the original Japanese version. There are also only 4 voice actors in this dub. All of the males who sound like men are voiced by 1 guy (this includes Tarb). Zoey and Dren share a VA. Bridget and Renee share a VA. And Corina, Kikki and Sardon (yes, he’s voiced by a woman in this dub) share a VA. All of the side characters a split between these 4. But there’s one reason why I can’t hate this dub. Despite what little they had the work with, I can tell that the VAs were trying their best, even if it didn’t come out right. That is why I still rank this one higher than the Thai dub. At least this one is entertaining (although maybe not for all the right reasons XD). For comparison between both halves of the series, watch the first part of episode 24 HERE and the 2nd part of 51 HERE.

So yeah, this is my opinion of every dub I’ve seen. I guess the short version is that my least favorite dub is Thai XD.

There are still many dubs I haven’t seen or not enough to get a good opinion. If anyone has the show in Indonesian, Cantonese (ATV dub), Turkish, Croatian, Dutch or Albanian, please contact me.

asianculturelessons asked:

Is there any show that referenced or made a parody of Tokyo mew mew?

There were a few. The best place to check them out is an old site that is most known by the name Neko-Tokyo, later renamed Mew Project Network. It hasn’t been updated in years and while some of the information is outdated, it’s still a good place to check stuff out.

For the references you wanted to know about, check out this page of the site HERE.

hoshizora-miyuki asked:

I think refering to Duke as either genderfluid or non-binary would be more correct. Still, great job with your video c: I was waiting for it before I picked up the omnibus, and it made me want to try reading A La Mode even more! Thank you for the hard work, and take care

It probably would be, and I do agree on the theory, but the problem is that I don’t like stating things unless there are facts to back it up. I don’t like expressing my opinions as fact since I’m not in a position to do so.

There’s a lot more to come. In fact, I’m starting the scripting for a few projects right now. So stay tuned for updates.

mooncactus asked:

Oh my god, this blog is sending me through overwhelming nostalgia attacks. I'm not sure if we ever talked, but I definitely knew of you back in the day! Glad to see someone from the old days is still supporting TMM. :D

Thanks a lot. I have a lot more planned including blogs regarding certain translation choices, “Did You Know?”s, more reviews and, of course, more Nutshell (I wish the VAs would hurry with their lines X3).


A picture of me and hikayagami she does great Tokyo Mew Mew Videos. She was nice and because I said hi she gave me a Tokyo Mew Mew Coloring book. So that was great. I shouldn’t have tried to take a picture inside the main events room it was just too dark to make out a good picture. And I don’t know why I’m making a duck face, I wasn’t trying to.

It was nice meeting you. In fact, you were the only one who recognized me, which was 1 more than I expected X3. Although, the place was so crowded that it’s hard to find anyone there. But it was still fun and I hope for another great time next year.
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A picture of me and hikayagami she does great Tokyo Mew Mew Videos. She was nice and because I said hi she gave me a Tokyo Mew Mew Coloring book. So that was great. I shouldn’t have tried to take a picture inside the main events room it was just too dark to make out a good picture. And I don’t know why I’m making a duck face, I wasn’t trying to.

It was nice meeting you. In fact, you were the only one who recognized me, which was 1 more than I expected X3. Although, the place was so crowded that it’s hard to find anyone there. But it was still fun and I hope for another great time next year.

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