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I thought that this place could use a little Gurple. So here is another fanart pic from the archive. I was still getting into the hang of my new art program with making this one.

I was planning to make another one with these two when something strange happened. The sketch I made (along with 2 other sketched pictures) suddenly vanished. I never moved them, I checked the surrounding area and my whole room but they are nowhere to be found.

It’s a complete mystery.~~~

Today, March 15th, is Ichigo Momomiya’s birthday. I haven’t had time to make anything new involving her lately, so here is a picture of her and Aoyama that was made for Italian merchandise (Although it did appear on some Korean merchandise too XD). I forgot the name of who made it (and I can’t read the signature) but I’ll add it to this post once I find out x3.


Anonymous asked:

So, in tokyo mew mew all of the mew mews seem to have an instrument. Ichigo has the bell, Lettuce has the castanets, Pudding has the tamborine, Mint has the arrow that looks like a harp. But I can't really tell what Zakuro's would be as an instrument. Now it looks like a cross linking back to her strong faith we see throughout her storyline, but do you hvae any thoughts on it being an instrument?


That’s a good point about everyone else having musical weapons. And yeah, as far as I can tell, Zakuro’s weapon is blend of crucifix and whip — no music involved. Well, she’s the Unfriendly Hottie character, so I guess it makes sense that she’d break up the pattern. She doesn’t play by your rules, man!

It’s a flute!

The round things on the gold part of her weapon are suppose to resemble flute keys.


Being a student of Latin, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Mew Aqua Rod’s incantation in the Tokyo Mew Mew anime was grammatically correct. It’s rare to find people who use Latin correctly when writing magic words.

Submitted by death-g-reaper

It was nice. However, as I can confirm in an official Japanese script that I own of episode 26, she was originally talking English when the attack happened, saying “Mew Aqua Rod! Shining! Ribbon Aqua Drops!”

The fansubbers wrote it in Latin for no good reason, other than to make it look fancy-shmancy. I also found it weird that they went through the trouble to do so in episode 26 but didn’t bother with it in episode 43, keeping it in English.


Question for my tokyo mew mew fan friends,

Where did it state that the aliens were all brothers (or pie and tart are brothers, and Kish is adopted?) And they that had a last name?

A lot of Italian Mew Mew fansites state this. They claimed that Mia Ikumi confirmed this in an interview at an Italian con (I can confirm that she was a guest years ago at Romics, and Italian anime convention.). Although, while some claim that a physical copy of the interview exists, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere and as the years go by, the chances of finding it decrease.

During my playthrough for Berry Berry Mew Mew (note: this is the Korean dub title for Tokyo Mew Mew), I made screencaps of various things from the game, including the playable characters, the aliens and various character emotion icons. This one are the 5 girls’ main poses. These are also transparent, so feel free to use them however you like. I’ll post their victory poses soon.

For those who missed the Let’s Play for this game, you can view it on my playlist HERE!

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